More 90th Birthday Memories of Carl from his Family

Carl Grieb turned 90 this year and his family and friends celebrated with a gathering. Friends and family wrote tributes and memories. Here are several of those tributes from his loving family.

More 90th Birthday Memories of Carl from his Family | The Story of Ranching at Grieb Ranch

Dad always tells me he is doing paperwork.  But really he is reading his Louis L’Amour books.  He has over 100 books in his collection and reads the books and then writes his name and date in each one and he has finished reading it.

Carl is a kind and loving Man.  Whenever I am leaving to go on a road trip Papa always says, “in case of emergency don’t hesitate to call me and I’ll be there.”  I love to share western novels with him.  It is such fun to talk about what we’ve read. – Niece, Sandi

I have learned so much from my Dad.  Mostly by his example.  The most important thing he ever taught me was to treat everyone the same.  Rich or poor; no matter what color or race.  He is a very kind and wise man and I’m blessed to be his daughter. – Daughter, Margie

I have had a lifetime of good memories and adventures with Dad.  Working, hunting, fishing, gathering cattle and branding.  Pack trips and road trips.  Cruising around the ranches, checking cattle and water.  Family gatherings, Sunday outings, and afternoon drives.  He taught me a lot and even made work fun.  I am blessed to call him Dad. – Daughter, Wynetta

More 90th Birthday Memories of Carl from his Family | The Story of Ranching at Grieb Ranch

My Dad is the energizer bunny at 90 years old.  He is still working from 6 am or so each morning feeding his pigs, goats and cattle.  He recently passed his written driving test and last week he drove nine hours to pick up livestock.  His tractor is his life-feeding, tilling, hauling, and cleaning-up tool.

He is an amazing friend; an incredible man who is always there for people.

So many memories of too many times of sliding backwards down our unforgiving ranch roads on a wet and slippery night feeding cattle . . .  My dad came out in the rain with his tractor to keep me from sliding off the road.

At the moment it is 9:00pm and I am waiting up for him to help unload the cattle he just picked up.  I was late this morning to his 6:30 am breakfast with my sister. – Daughter, Connie.

Have you ever heard?  “Behind every GREAT man there is GREAT women and that would be our MOM.

We thank God for 90 years of impact Carl Grieb has had on his friends and family.



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