A Roundup of Family, Friends and Cattle

There’s nothing like a roundup to bring ranch people together. Grieb Ranch family members and trusted ranch hand friends pulled together to gather bulls, cows and calves in order to vaccinate, de-horn, castrate, ear tag and brand the animals. The fun family day put the hands of helpers aged 2 to 92 to work. Working together they processed the whole herd making the Grieb Ranch roundup a fun success.

Planning for a Roundup

Planning for a roundup involves many aspects from getting the vaccine trays, de-horning and castrating equipment, plus branding devices all together to planning enough food for feeding all the ranch hands and family.

Many Grieb Ranch Family Members Worked the Roundup

A variety of extended Grieb family members had a role: Papa brought up the feed for the cattle and hauled out debri while Amanda kept Papa company.

Little Mr. L at age five performed his first castration.

Connie planned the food and directed activities.  Daniel led the ground crew.

Brian cooked the meat for the roundup lunch. It was really great this year to have the food ready to eat rather than wait around for a BBQ to get started.

Records of Work Done is Vital at a Roundup

Each one of the cattle received a multivitamin injection, along with needed vaccinations and a de-wormer. Records must be kept of all injections for cattle being shipped. Ear tags are also attached and go in the left ear in each animal. Ear tags contain important information for each animal like their registration number if purebred, the cow number above the calf number or animal’s name. On the back goes the bull number when available and the date of birth. Here’s a chart of all the recorded info kept for each animal.

DateProductSerial NumberExpirationRoute/locationLot
1/2/2021Inforce 3  2ml463630A/4550243/15/22Intranasal476540
 Inforce 3 2ml463605A/4642513/1/22 473026
 Covexin8 5ml2280B/50111/1/2021SQ neck 
 Covexin8 5ml2246C/5025/2/21SQ neck 
 One Shot BVD 2ml439283A/4202582/1/2022SQ neck472294
 Multimin 5mlB2004021April22SQ neck 

Roundups are a Family Affair Enjoyed with Friends

Roundups truly are a family affair and many hands make light work. Local ranch hand friends make the rounds and show up to help out with other rancher’s roundups through the roundup season.

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