A New Beef Venture from a Product of Grieb Ranch

What is a product? “A good, idea, method, information, object or service created as a result of a process and serves a need or satisfies a want,” says the Business Dictionary.  A “product” of Grieb Ranch is Daniel Willems whose experience and cattle knowledge are part of the formula for a new venture – DD Cattle Co.

DD Cattle Co

“At DD Cattle Co we’re all about knowing where you’re beef comes from. We believe in raising our cattle in a way that is beneficial to the land and enhances the environment around us through sustainable practices. From our land to your plate plus quality you can taste, that’s … DD Cattle Co.”

This statement summarized the vision DD Cattle Co has for raising beef for your table. DD Cattle Co is raising beef, packaging cuts and delivering the product right to your front door.

The Cowboys Behind the Vision

Two different styles of cowboy hats and different backgrounds couldn’t make for better business partners.

Doug Burkett comes from southern California and spent most every weekend at his family ranch in central California. Doug provides all the sales and marketing behind DD Cattle Co. and helps maintain the herd at the family ranch.

Daniel Willems comes from a long line of cattle ranchers here on California’s central coast. A true cowboy through and through, Daniel keeps the DD Cattle Herd happy and healthy and through good management continuously growing.

Beef From Our Ranch to Your Table

As a member of the Beef Club, DD Cattle Co will deliver/ship, every 2 Months and every 4 Months right to your door.

Pick your package option when you are on our “shop” page. We’ll keep track of your subscription and also keep you informed monthly with newsletters and deals!


If you’re just too excited and need your beef right now, then choose the “Buy Now” option!

If you reside in the San Miguel to San Luis Obispo, CA area DD Cattle Co will deliver the next day!

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