Memories of Connie and Ida Mae Grieb


Conrad Grieb on his Wedding Day.

Conrad Grieb (Son of Fred Grieb) and Ida Mae (Campbell) have quite an interesting history. They left a wonderful legacy, not only with their four kids, Dean, Elaine, Richard, and Georgia, but with the Grieb and Campbell families and many friends.


Connie and Ida Mae met when she was living with the Chandlers. Ida was essentially a housekeeper and babysitter for the Chandlers. The Chandler home was just across the driveway from the Fred Grieb Sr. home off Halcyon Road in Arroyo Grande. We do not know any real particulars as to their courting.
They were married at the home of Fred and Gertrude Grieb by a local minister . . . a basic but very warm family wedding in November 1940.

Connie had purchased a ranch in Los Berros, about 5 miles from Arroyo Grande in 1938.  He was always a “man of the soil”. The ranch house was approaching 100 years old when he bought the ranch.  It didn’t have a bathroom which meant there was an outside privy about 100 feet from the house.  Top priority was to install a bathroom shortly after Connie and Ida were married.

Dean was born in 1941, Elaine in 1943, Richard in 1944, and Georgia Mae in 1946, each brought into the world with love.  All four children were raised in the old house, each having very fond memories of the good times shared as a family.



Connie always involved the boys in his daily farming/ranching activities, mentoring both Dean and Richard with many skills he had involving cattle, farming, apricots and walnuts, etc.  Ida was mentor for girls, teaching them everything from domestic house chores, sewing, and assuring they grew up to be proper ladies.  Connie and Ida did a great job!

Life during the 40’s and 50’s was not as complex as it is today.  The kids played outside did not have TV, computers, i-phones, etc.  Many values that were shared by Connie and Ida are presently the threshold of their offspring.


Connie and Ida always had an extended family with at least one extra youngster for dinner or staying over-night.  Avila Beach was always a favorite with Connie after a full day of work during the summer.  He loved the ocean, so off to Avila with family for a swim and hot-dog roast they would go. These outings provided very fond memories for all the kids.

Connie was a Odd Fellow and Ida was a Rebecca with the Arroyo Grande IOOF Lodge, each for more than 50 years.  They both went through the various chairs of the organization and enjoyed it to no end.

Conrad Grieb Fishing 2017-01-27 005.JPG

Connie (left) loved fishing.

Connie was always a man of the outdoors.  He loved farming, hunting, fishing, getting together with family and friends, horseshoes, and barbecues.  Ida loved to play cards, tell a joke or two, and prepare scrumptious dinners.  In later years, both enjoyed traveling the western states and frequently stopping at a casino.  The both enjoyed playing Keno.


Connie passed away in 1987.  Ida passed away in 2006.  Their loving legacy will live for many years to come with family, friends, and mere acquaintances.

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