Fences . . . There is always something to fix with the fences

Electric Fence post

Fences . . . there is always something to do with the fences.  A few weeks ago I had to move the cattle from one pasture to another because there was a short in the electrical tape. The cattle are used to this drill, as all I had to do was call them.  I was on foot and the herd moved into the next pasture as I called them in. Fortunately, I keep the electric line tester handy in my purse which was with me in the truck. That way, it’s available to me when I come across a down fence while on my rounds on the ranch. Really, it is amazing how one little strand of electrical tape keeps in a whole herd of several hundred pound cattle!

Today there are more fences to fix on the ranch so I have loaded up the whole fencing kit – this one I can’t keep in my purse! Fence pliers, staples, clips, post-pounder, some fence stakes all travel with me now as I make sure the fences are in good repair so that our cattle stay home and not stray away.   – A day in the life of C. Grieb W.

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