Grieb Family Reunion

the whole gang

The Grieb Family Reunion July 23, 2016 was a blast! Grieb descendants from literally all over the world came to the reunion.  We enjoyed gathering with over 100 family and friends  at Biddle Park in Arroyo Grande.  We played: board games, horseshoes. We mingled: family catching up with family. We ate: lots of food, especially desserts in the traditional Grieb Family manner.

Reunion T-shirt

Reunion Souvenir T-Shirt

Special items specially created for the reunion were:

  1. Grandma’s Cookbook – Top 20 recipes of Gertrude Grieb – compiled by Marla and cousins.
  2. Fred and Gertrude Grieb’s Genealogy  of 150 decendants – compiled by Theresa.
  3. Reunion and Grieb Ranch t-shirts  by Junior
  4. A biography of each of Fred and Gertrude’s 9 children – compiled by Sandi.

A list of Historic Sites and Points of Interest for the Grieb Family in Arroyo Grande was also compiled:

  1. The Grieb Farmhouse Inn the home of Konrad and Katharina is located at 851 Todd Lane built in the late 1800’s was the first true home.
  2. The Fred Grieb Bridge was dedicated to Fred Grieb when he turned 100 years old. It is located on Fair Oaks Ave. near Todd Lane.
  3. Grieb Ranch Way has a great area to picnic near the Arroyo Grande Creek that the Grieb’s and their descents fished in for many years. This area is at the corner of Lopez Dr. and Grieb Ranch Way.
  4. The house that Teddy created from motel units in the 1950s’ Was the first home to many Grieb descendants.   It is on the Grieb ranch and is located at 4285 Lopez Dr.
  5. Grieb Ranch 4287 Lopez Dr. Originally purchased in 1916 by Fred Grieb. Now the home to Carl and Barbara Grieb.  It is located where a murder took place. Later that day  Fred Grieb observed the hanging of man responsible for the murder on the Bridge back in Arroyo Grande town. The Terrible Tragedy tells the whole story.

great grands playing


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