February 2018 Grieb Ranch Experiences so Many Firsts it Feels Like Whiplash!

Is it Spring, Summer or Winter?

Here on the Central Coast ranchers count on the hills being green by Thanksgiving. Getting the green helps us push off the feed year until February.  Well this year, a first, we didn’t even get rain before Thanksgiving, so the hills were brown and we set ourselves up for completing our supplemental feeding by February 10.  However February brought record heat and no rain followed by freezing wind, where we bundled up to feed at the end of the month! Another crazy first.

Friends, Family and More Firsts

We did enjoy our friends helping with our branding, lots of baby chicks being born, casting a broken legged steer, lots of feeding, and fighting the ever-persistent rodent population on their damaging rampage.

The back hills are without cattle for the first time ever in a February.  Instead, the cattle are in the holding field ready to ship if the rains do not come.

Yet, at the end of each day we count our Blessings and are grateful for another FULL day.

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