It’s Tomato Season. Make Some Delicious Bruschetta.

Tomatoes growing

Fresh Tomatoes grow right outside the front door at Grieb Ranch making them handy for meals or snacks.

Fresh Tomatoes + Basil + Balsamic Vinegar placed on cheese-melted toast = yummy Bruschetta.

Follow the pics for the recipe.


Bowl of Tomatoes

Yummy home-grown tomatoes from the Grieb Garden.

Yummy fresh basil.

Mmmm . . . lovely Basil home-grown in a pot on the deck.

Chopped tomatoes and basil.

Chop up the tomatoes and basil. Pour in Balsamic Vinegar. Chopped garlic can be added to this mixture if desired. Mix together and chill if desired.

Sliced bread, olive oil and grated parmesan cheese.

Sliced Ciabatta bread is ideal. Here we used slices of roasted garlic sourdough bread which was yummy too. Spread olive oil on the top of each slice and then place shredded Parmesan cheese on top.

Grilled toast and cheese.

Broil the bread under low flame until cheese melts and edges brown. Remove from oven. Keep your eye on the bread as it toasts – Don’t walk away, it burns quicker than you think!

Place tomatoes, with basil and balsalmic vinegar on the toast.

Place tomato, basil and vinegar mixture on top of melted cheese.

Eat, Eat, Eat.

Eat . . . Eat . . . Eat!




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