Lemons: A Burst of Sunshine to Brighten Winter

Lemons – or any citrus for that matter – brighten foods, smell heavenly, and bring a burst of sunshine to winter. The mild winters here on the Central Coast of California where Grieb Ranch is located, provide the perfect climate for growing citrus year-round. Many orange and yellow fruit are bursting forth right now in our orchard.

P eating a lemon

P enjoying the brightness of a lemon fresh off the tree.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy lemons is in a Lemon Meringue pie. Yum. This pie was Lorna’s (Fred Grieb’s Daughter) husband Merriam’s very favorite pie. It was always on the menu for his birthday dinner and any special family gathering. Some family members went right to the pie before the main course just so they could get a piece before it was gone!

The Family Favorite Lemon Meringue Pie

The Family Favorite: Lemon Meringue Pie

Recipe For: Daddy’s Favorite Lemon Pie

From the Kitchen of: Lorna Erickson             Servings: 8

Making the Pastry for one-crust pie (8 or 9 inch)
Pastry Ingredients:
1 C flour
½ t. salt
1/3 C plus 1 T shortening
2-3 T cold water
Pastry Instructions:

Measure flour and salt into a bowl. Cut in shortening. Sprinkle in water and mix until all flour is moistened. Roll dough out on lightly floured board. Fit into pie dish and prick bottom and sides of crust with fork. Bake 475 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Lemon Filling Ingredients:

1 ½ C sugar
1/3 C + 2 T cornstarch
1 ½ C water
4 large egg yolks slightly beaten
Zest of 2 lemons
3 T butter
½ C lemon juice
Lemon Filling Instructions:
Combine sugar and cornstarch in heavy saucepan. Stir in water gradually. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until thick and clear and boiling. Add a little of this mixture to beaten egg yolks. Add back to hot mixture along with lemon zest. Cook 1 minute more stirring until smooth. Remove from heat and add butter and lemon juice. Pour into baked pie shell. Top with meringue.

Meringue Ingredients:
4 egg whites
8 T sugar
1 t. vanilla
Meringue Instructions:
Beat egg whites until frothy. Gradually add sugar and vanilla. Continue beating until very stiff and glossy. Pile meringue onto pie filling being careful to seal the meringue onto edge of crust to prevent shrinkage. If the filling is exposed to heat it may weep. Swirl or pull points up for a decorative top. Bake at 400 degrees until delicately browned 8-10 minutes.

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