Tex: The Go-To Horse

Smiling cowboy

Tex was the Go-to horse. We always relied on Tex and he would do anything asked of him.

He was the horse that kids could ride, the horse you could swing a rope off of, the horse who would always help round up the cattle, the horse to take on a long pack trip, the horse to take camping, the horse we knew our kid could be safe on, the horse that introduced numerous kids to horse back riding at Ag Adventure Camp. Tex participated in Daniel and Jessica’s wedding. He carried the bride from the wedding site to the reception.

He became part of the Grieb Ranch horse string in the Fall of 2006 as a two-year old. Tex was Daniel’s horse. Daniel got him in trade for work done at a man’s ranch in Sioux Center Iowa while at college. Daniel broke Tex to ride and to get him ready to pull calves back home Daniel pulled classmates across the snow-covered football field on inner tubes behind him while riding Tex. Tex was hauled from Iowa to Grieb Ranch after Daniel graduated from college.

Daniel enjoyed Tex’s personality, saw that he had good conformation and liked the Quarter Horse bloodlines he came from. We all enjoyed how he greeted us with his special neigh and we knew he would love doing whatever was to be asked of him that day – even on his last day.

IMG_1362 (1024x683)

Tex has left us treasured memories, and experience gained. Thank you Tex.

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