Time flies when you are having fun… or working really HARD.

“An intern is arriving later today. He will be with us through the summer. I don’t know much about him, as Daniel arranged everything. . .”

Those were Connie’s words back in May as an intern from Dordt College in Iowa arrived from Michigan to experience California ranching.

Jacob came to California for a Ranch Internship . . . yet he ended up doing way beyond his job description and blessed everyone at Grieb Ranch. They were all sad to say goodbye to Jacob. Let’s see what unique, fun and surprising experiences Grieb Ranch led him through . . .

Jacob leading the devotion

Within weeks of arriving he took on the role of Boy’s dean and devotions leader for Boy’s Week at Ag Adventure Camp.

watched kids

Jacob often watched the kids while he worked.

thistle armor

Preg Testing in 100+ degree heat

Jacob found himself fixing water and drip lines, operating the tractor-tiller and loader and more, ran remote water pump, helped watch kids(who knew), helped fit animal for the fair, took on the role of Boys Dean/speaker for Ag Adventure Camp, set up cattle records and billing on the computer, gathered and shipped cattle, hauled livestock, oh wait there’s still more . . . of course power washed the equipment, assisted with preg. testing in 100+ degree weather, welding and ran fence crews for barbed wire, wood, electrical and welded.

herding ducks

Herding ducks

thistle armor true

Putting on the armor for riding out in thistle

Care of livestock-cows, pigs, goats, horses, dogs, ducks and chickens, assisted in taking off a halter off an untrained colt, rodent control(over 60+ squirrels and many mice), provided bilingual customer service, did project clean up and amazingly organized storage sheds . . . plus enjoyed all the Central Coast has to offer like surfing.

gathered cattle

Gathered cattle on horseback – a new experience for Jacob.

surfing - CA Cowboy

Jacob enjoyed all the Central Coast has to offer, especially surfing.

Jacob was our SUPERHERO.


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Thank you Jacob for blessing the Grieb Ranch with your calm, gentle, servant-hearted help and may God richly bless your next adventures in life.

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