We Prayed For Rain!


The Willems now have a babbling brook running behind their home. Connie says it’s lovely music to fall asleep to.

. . . And He answered. Rain has been coming regularly since November; sometimes nice and steady but most recently the faucets have been on full blast! 60-70 mph winds were a part of the last storm and trees fell all over our neighboring Arroyo Grande areas.

Grieb Ranch is thankful for the rain, but it has made for some interesting times, fun adventures, hardships, and damages. Here is a picture tour of the most recent storm happenings.

It’s Fun For The Kids

kids-in-mudRain and sun have turned the hillsides green. In between storms we simply enjoy the scenery and have some fun. These kids got stuck in the mud while helping to fix a downed fence.

work-rain-or-shineRain or shine though there is work to be done. Here little L shows he is able to get down and dirty like the rest of the crew.

charlie-horseWhat no riding because of the mud? Well then practicing on Charlie Horse at Grandma’s is the next best thing!

It’s Hard on the Animals


Yes all that rain came down the hillsides and gathered like a pool in the horse pens. The horses waded around in the muddy mess for a little while. Grieb Ranch is waiting for the corrals to dry out so we can safely work our Fall calves.


A cow got stuck in this bog. It took several hours to get her out. She is doing just fine now.

It’s Hard on the Equipment

shelter-blew-downHigh winds ripped through the Arroyo Grande area toppling trees and taking out power. This shelter blew over. Now it needs to be fixed.

mud-and-equipmentMud and equipment really don’t mix. The combo takes a toll on the farm equipment.

We prayed for rain and He answered. He will also see us through the hardships that may come in life. We are thankful and we always rejoice.

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