When it Rains

Rain changes plans on the ranch

Getting the train outRecently Stan and Little P went to work in the shop, out of the rain. When they didn’t return for lunch, Connie went to check on them. She was looking to see how clean the shop was and what projects were getting done. Upon entering the shop, Connie was greeted with two big grins and not the sound of rain but the sound of trains in the shop. Trains! A hinged platform was unearthed and brought back to its use of holding the HO train track rails. The train engineers resurrected life from the trains in the rain.

Rain changes work conditions

muddyThe weather forecast was for 51% chance of showers. 300 head of cattle, a three and a half hour drive away were on the schedule to be worked. The weather forecast didn’t deter. Connie got up at 4am to go help her niece get the cattle worked. Well that 51% chance happened and the cattle were worked in the mud. The cowboys had to struggle as the mud stuck to their ropes adding a different challenge to the day. In the end, it turned out to be a fun and safe day that gave even the experienced cowboys a time to remember – working 300 head of cattle in the rain.

wrangling in the mud

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