Fred Grieb Bridge Dedication 12-18-1977

The plaque

December 18 has always been a party day for the Grieb family, as Fred Grieb (founder of Grieb Ranch) and his great grandson Daniel both share it as their birthday. December 18, 1977 was an especially great celebration as Fred Grieb turned 100 and the Fred Grieb bridge in Arroyo Grande was dedicated on that day.

brochure coverThe write up from the brochure that day reads:

“Congratulations to Mr. Fred Grieb who will celebrate his 100 birthday today, as well as his first 100 years as a citizen of Arroyo Grande.

Fred is the son of a farmer who moved to Arroyo Grande when he heard that there were Spanish land grants being divided up for sale. The family originally purchased 72 acres south of Fair Oaks Avenue then later purchased 110 acres in the present Fair Oaks section of town.

Fred recalls clearing the Fair Oaks land of scrub-brush and sage. Before the land was cleared the Grieb family had 80 beehives on their farm, and in one year the profit on the honey completely paid for the taxes on their land. Mr Grieb is also very proud of his dad for making sure that no one cut down the Oak trees in the Fair Oaks district. ‘We used to just farm around the trees,’ is the way Mr. Grieb puts it.

This bridge is dedicated to the man who grew up with the city, so that he will be remembered always. This is our way of honoring a man whose noble character and keen interest in the future, reflects the image for which the city of Arroyo Grande is constantly striving.”


Gov'nor and Fred

The plaque was presented to Fred Grieb in person at the site of the bridge on Fair Oaks avenue. The mayor of Arroyo Grande, Gabe DeLeon; Mark Millis, Mayor Pro Tem, and several city council members; Al Spierling, Calvin H. Schlegel, and Matt Gallagher, Jr. were all in attendance.

The bridge extends Fair Oaks Avenue to Halcyon. It is located on Fair Oaks Avenue between Arroyo Grande High School and the Hospital.


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