Happy New Year – Mud and Pake

Mud flowing (1024x765)Happy New Year from the Grieb Ranch! We have started the New Year off wet and muddy. We are thankful for the rain and are adjusting to the mud that it creates here at the ranch. We are surrounded by steep hills so the rain falls and the mud runs down . . . even more so now as there is less ground cover to hold the dirt on the hills, due to the years of drought.

So we make Pake!  . . . Pake? . . . That is translated to Pie-Cake and sounds like “rake” when you say it – when you cook a pie inside a cake you get Pake. Cousin Sandi came up with it for her son-in-law’s birthday this month. That’s what he asked for to help celebrate. Well that started a new cooking adventure that is so Yummy! We all got to enjoy it and thought we’d pass the recipe on to you.

Pake on a plate (1024x649)

Pake (pie baked inside a cake)

1 pre-baked pie preferably no larger than 8” flavor of your choice

1 cake mix flavor of your choice mixed according to package directions

1 10” spring form pie pan

Spray spring form pan generously with Pam.

Line bottom with parchment paper to fit. Respray.

Pour 2” of cake batter in pan.

Dump pie onto cake batter upside down.

Pour remaining cake batter over the top of the pie.

Bake 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending upon your oven until cake is firm to touch. Let cool completely. Remove cake from pan; discard parchment paper. Frost with frosting of your choice.


Pake flavor combination suggestions;

Cherry pie with chocolate cake

Pumpkin pie with spice cake

Apple pie with white cake

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