Grieb Boys

The Grieb Boys George, Fred, Henry

The Grieb Boys
George, Fred, Henry circa late 1880’s

Grieb Family History – The Start of the American Tree

Konrad and Katharina Grieb had a total of 12 children yet only 9 survived infancy. Five were born in Germany, three died in infancy, and the rest were born in America including two of the three living sons, George and Fred. Henry was born in Germany and was the youngest of the group that came to America after Konrad and Katharina settled in Edna Valley on the Central Coast of California in 1873.

George and Fred stayed in the Arroyo Grande Valley area and purchased part of the existing Grieb Ranch back in 1916 and 1917 for the sum of Ten Dollars, in Gold Coin of the United States of America. The sign over the entrance to Grieb Ranch reads established 1878 as that is the year Fred, who is the Grieb Ranch patriarch was born. Today six generations of Grieb Boys work, live or play at Grieb Ranch.

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