Middle of Winter, With Sunshine Abounding

Oh where is the rain? We are thankful for what we have received yet so much more is needed. Yet here we are in the middle of winter and sunshine abounds . . .  praying for rain. Although it is beautiful here, we want to see mud like this on Mr. T because that means rain.

As we pray for rain, we still must maintain our herd and our land. So what does that mean for us presently at Grieb Ranch on a daily basis? Lots of time re-setting and fixing fences to help manage the available grass with rotational grazing on top of providing supplemental feeding. Also the bulls have been getting out and fighting with the neighbors so  . . .  yup you guessed it – more fixing of fences. We also must make sure the water troughs are working so there is an ample and steady supply of water for the cattle. So life goes on as we juggle the demands of the ranch and carry on our “regular” jobs too. We love our life and we thank God for His provision.

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