Henrietta Grieb Stow

Henrietta Grieb Stow, the second child of Konrad and Katharina Grieb, was born in Germany and migrated to California with her parents Konrad and Katharina Grieb. She was actually part of the five children left behind while their parents traveled to America and settled on the California coast. Once Konrad got a place to live and a job settled he left Katharina with her newborn son and returned to Germany to bring the rest of the family to California.

Henrietta Grieb Stow and her husband owned and worked a ranch on Suey Creek located off Highway 166. When Henrietta died she was cremated and her ashes were placed in a square urn and buried near Suey Creek.   Sometime later, there was a flash flood and the urn was unearthed and washed downstream.  Someone,  we don’t know who, located Henrietta’s granddaughter Elizabeth Stow Groose and delivered the urn to her.  After Elizabeth’s death, her daughter Judith kept the urn.  This last Summer July 2015, the urn was delivered by Judith to the Grieb Farmhouse  for safekeeping. The urn is engraved with the birth year of 1866 (incorrect should be 1863 – The same time as the Civil War in America) and the death year as 1925 (as yet, have not been able to confirm death year.)

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