Venison with Bacon Recipe

venison with bacon

In years past during deer season – which is in the Fall here on the Central Coast – we would often sit around the picnic tables on the patio and slice meat for jerky and cut and wrap the rest to put in the freezer. Now we get out the meat slicer to prepare the jerky meat. For many years the Grieb Ranch had a walk in cooler to chill and age the venison.

Recipe for: Venison Recipe

From the Kitchen of: Connie Grieb Willems                    Servings:5


3 strips of bacon

1 Venison Backstrap Sliced


  1. Cook Bacon until half done
  2. Place slice backstrap slices on top of the bacon.
  3. Cook on medium high heat until the meat is medium rare (overcooked venison is like trying to eat shoe leather). When the juices in the backstrap slices rise to the top on one side flip to the other side.
  4. The taste of the venison varies with the age of the deer and the vegetation that it has been eating.

When cooking a venison roast I cook it at 325 degrees. The roasting takes about 20 minutes per lb.

Additional notes: One of the most popular methods of preparing this cut is slicing the meat in filet mignon-sized portions — 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) thick — marinating them, wrapping them in thick-cut bacon and grilling them. Wrapping the meat with bacon not only adds extra flavor, it also changes the way the meat is cooked because of the fat content. The meat is ready to be taken off the grill after the outside edges are slightly crispy. The internal temperature of venison should reach at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius) for safety.

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