James Allen Grieb or “Jimmy”

Jimmy with sister Claire

Jimmy with sister Claire.

Growing up in the Grieb Family was always something I felt was a special gift. Even if you were not actually born into the family there was always a place for you around the table or where ever the family gathered.

Hearing a particular story once while sitting with a woman reporter who interviewed Grandma and Grandpa for a newspaper article, I remember them telling a story: During the Great Depression someone stole a pig from the ranch and years later they received a letter of apology and the repayment of the pig in cash. Since they had long forgotten the hog being stolen, and they had not reported the theft to the authorities, they were both tickled by the outcome.

Jimmy with neighbor girl sue

Jimmy with neighbor Sue.

My Dad James Grieb is the youngest of the nine Grieb children. He was born when Grandma was over 40 and she had not planned to have anymore children. Grandpa, who was over 50, wanted one more baby and so she agreed saying, “Fred, he is going to be your child to take care of,” so he agreed. James was Grandpa’s constant companion only to also to be watched carefully by his sister Lorna (Alice) Grieb Erickson and tormented by big brother Carl.

James was the only child born in the Spanish style stucco house in September 1932. The previous homestead had burnt down.

Jimmy as young adultJames served in the Navy from about 1949 until 1956. His travels had him serving from San Diego, California in the Pacific, to Hawaii, to Japan and back to San Diego during the Korean War. When he returned home he planned to marry our Mom, Joan Marie Brown. He had previously fallen head over heels in love with her when she was 13 and cutting apricots for a summer. They would be married July 17, 1957. They had three children: Marla Marie, Sue Ellen and Mark Allan Grieb.

Later Dad would drive truck in the oil fields in Santa Maria, California. From there he and his wife Frankie Jean Griffith built a home in Mountain Ranch, California, where they lived for nearly 20 years. After retiring, they sold their home and relocated to Rocky Point, Oregon where they currently live next door to cousin Dean Grieb.


Story info provided by Marla Lowman, Jimmy’s daughter.

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