Life Moves Forward at Grieb Ranch Despite the Shutdown

Animals, people, the ranch they all have needs despite a Covid shutdown. We are thankful for family members who pitched in to be sure Papa and Grandma kept up their appearances. Papa got his hair cut by family members.

New puppies needed training and there were plenty of willing hands with Mr. P and Mr. L for the job.

Daniel had great help building new fences. Missy R helps her dad measure the fence line.

Day care restrictions provided time for kids to help with ranch duties like fence building or gathering replacement heifers to a safer place for them to calve.

Daniel had extra hands to help bring in the replacement heifers to a safer place for them to calve.

Lots of fun is had at the ol’ swimming hole. We love hearing stories of the older generations enjoying the same spot. Now it has two rope swings and a platform for kayaks.

There is always much to do and places to go just here on our ranch.  Life at Grieb Ranch moves ahead despite the shutdown.

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