Play Days and Playdough: Making Squishy-Fun Memories

Squishy fun memories
Our home at Grieb Ranch is a ways from town. So through the years when making something squishy-fun from playdough was our chosen entertainment, we made our own playdough. The tradition continues as play days with Grandma are often spent making more squishy-fun memories with home-made playdough. Here is our recipe:

Kool Dough for Kids

2 ½ C Flour
1 T Cream of Tartar
2 Pkgs of Koolaid (gives it color)
1 C Salt
2 C Boiling Water
3 T Oil

Directions: Combine dry ingredients. Add oil to water and mix well with dry ingredients. Knead as cools until smooth. A Kitchen-Aid mixer with the paddle attachment pulls this recipe together very fast. Store for future fun in a ziplock bag.

P intent on making playdough animals

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