Ranch Dog Dee, Truly Man’s Best Friend

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Ranch Dog Dee was simply THAT dog.

Special enough to be at Daniel and Jessica’s wedding.

The special friend who was put to task to check out the girlfriend to see if she was the one for life. Dee was THAT dog who was so special she was part of the ensuing wedding. She was THAT dog who was trusted enough to welcome home all three of children. Dee was THAT special friend who sat faithfully listening to expressions of the ups and downs of ranch life. 

Trusted to welcome home all three children.

Daniel’s Ranch Dog Dee was simply THAT dog.

Part of the family.

Dee was Daniel’s faithful friend. She rode in and helped sort at more cattle roundups than any dog.  Her life was not easy being a ranch dog. Yet it was her purpose. Ranching life produced it perils: Dee dealt with several  broken bones by being smashed by charging bulls or cows. Dee loved her job and was counted on over and over for tracking wild cattle, bear, pigs, or whatever needed to be done.  Dee brought many years of joy! 

Cowboy P drew a picture of the happy times they had with Dee.

Dee was simply THAT dog. She is truly missed by all.

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