Spring Comes Early

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First fruit of the season

The first signs of spring are here and activity at Grieb Ranch continues to swell. Besides caring for the cattle, early spring is when the orchard needs extra care.
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Due to the drought we did not plant new trees last winter, which left room for four new trees to fill vacant spaces in the family orchard.  We planted an Italian Prune, Fantasia (nectarine),  Harcot (apricot), and a Elberta (peach) tree. We got everyone involved in digging the initial hole for the new bare-root trees. Each tree has a family memory and many are dedicated to family members, extended family and some friends.

Two strange weather-related events have caused unusual happenings in the orchard this year.  The first is that it’s February and we are picking mini apples (perfect for full-hands eating for a 3 year old boy) that were created from the freak July rain last summer.  Recently, record high temperatures have produced an early spring so we are busy pruning the older trees and tilling the orchard.

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