Tee – A Bundle of Puppy Joy

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The  latest addition to the Grieb Ranch is Tee, a bundle of puppy joy.

Tee is a fun-loving Border Collie/Huntaway cross. She is what we call a “Stock dog”, one who will help us gather cattle off the steep hills saving the riders and horses a lot of time. Working dog pet ownership brings with it a lot of responsibilities.

First, we take care of the puppy’s health.

Tee got her puppy shots . . .   she got her first combination vaccine when she was 7 weeks old and then got boosters once a month until she was 16 weeks. At 4 months local law says we needed to vaccinate her for Rabies and get a county license. If anyone needs more information about animal licensing they should go to www.petdata.com or call 1-866-306-7105.

Every dog’s situation is different so please consult with your veterinarian to determine which vaccinations your puppy should receive and how often.

We are enjoying taking care of and training Tee our new ranch dog. We’ll be updating you on her life and progress in the next few weeks.

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