Trout Fishing in the Arroyo Grande Creek


Grandpa Fred Grieb enjoyed fishing.

The Grieb cousins have fond memories of Grandpa Fred Grieb teaching them how to make fishing poles out of bamboo sticks and fishing line.  The cousins would walk up and down the Arroyo Grande creek and stop and fish from the banks.  They also enjoyed camping out at the Nelson Place (now under Lopez Lake that was built in 1960’s) where Grieb Ranch ran the cattle.  So many treasured memories and fun times camping with the Grieb cousins.


Recipe for: Trout

From the Kitchen of: Grandma Gertrude Grieb                    Servings: 5

Needed: 6 Medium-sized fresh trout

Ingredients for Coating the Trout:

1C Milk in bowl
1 tsp Salt
Dash Pepper
1 Cup Progresso Bread Crumbs
½ Cup Cornmeal

Bacon grease for fry pan

Instructions for Cooking the Coated Trout:

Begin heating fry pan with hot bacon grease.
Put milk, salt and pepper in bowl.
Mix cornmeal and bread crumbs in another bowl.
Dip trout thru milk.
Roll in crumbs.
Fry coated trout in bacon grease until fork-flaky.

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