The Story of “Chicken Little” at Grieb Ranch

Chicken Little joins the brood

Miss Henny with her 6 chicks. Which one is “Chicken Little”?

Not too long ago, the Ole Black Hen Miss Henny was set with eggs to hatch in 21 days. When the 21 days was up, most of the eggs hatched except for 2 or 3 of them. Miss Henny and her five new baby chicks were kept confined in the hatching cage for the first few days. After that the hen and chicks were free to roam and Miss Henny proudly went out with her 5 chicks peeping after her. As Miss Henny was out showing off her chicks, Connie kept hearing another peeping sound and she searched around for where the peeping was coming from. The sound was coming from the nesting box area. Connie removed the nesting box and watched a few un-hatched eggs roll into the parking area. Connie examined the un-hatched eggs and found a small hole in one of them and realized that was where the peeping sound was coming from. Peeling back the egg shell produced a live chick!

Chicken little

Just discovered and freshly-hatched “Chicken Little”.

Connie put the newly-hatched, freshly-discovered chick under a warming lamp until night time. Then in the dark of the night, Connie put “Chicken Little” under Miss Henny with the rest of the chicks and closed the hatching cage. The next morning Connie checked on the hen and chicks and opened the door for them to roam free. Miss Henny proudly stepped out of the hatching cage with 6 little chicks following after her. Chicken Little was part of the brood now! The key to acceptance was the dark of night.

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