Welcome to Grieb Ranch

Welcome to Grieb Ranch on the beautiful Central Coast of California. Come alongside us and our various activities by keeping up with the happenings this blog “The Story of Ranching on the Grieb Ranch”.

Grass-fed cattle and horses have roamed the hillsides of Grieb Ranch, in Arroyo Grande, CA, since it was established in 1878. Yoada goats make the lower hillside home while chickens peck, roam and lay eggs. In addition, fruit trees bear delicious fruit, vine-ripened vegetables provide a bountiful crop and flowers bloom decorating the landscape with bright, cheery color. Grieb Ranch is a working ranch and all these elements have enabled the Grieb family to live off products of their own land for six generations. The Grieb family continues to be dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and wildlife on the ranch that has kept the family connected to the land since 1878.

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