When The Going Gets Tough . . .

Carl, JR and Gene - Ranching friends through the years.

Carl, JR and Gene – Ranching friends through the years.

“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!”

Yes, we have all heard that phrase but have you ever thought of that when you are sick or on vacation? Well consider the life of a rancher or farmer . . .

Ranchers can’t call in sick. There are no such things as “sick days” or “sick leave”. The animals always need to be fed several times a day. Rain or shine, freezing or scorching weather, holiday or weekend, whether the farmer is sick or feeling great, the animals must be fed. Farmers can’t call in sick either. Harvesting and irrigating crops at the right time is crucial. The harvest won’t wait.

In addition to trusting in God and a lot of prayer, the farmer or rancher has to decide on priorities. What has to be done today, what can wait and what can be put off indefinitely. Then he or she has three options; tough it out, hire employees or rely on family and friends.

A support network is so important that banks do not like to lend money to buy a ranch outside of a person’s current area or state. They feel farmers and ranchers have a better chance of surviving if they have a network of family and friends to rely in the rough times.

Even the toughest farmers and ranchers will experience sickness sometime in their lives. They need to be prepared by planning ahead, building a reliable support network and always trusting in God.

How can you fill in for or pray for a farmer or rancher today?

How can you help a rancher today?

How can you help a rancher today?

By Margie Grieb Runels

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