All In A Day’s Activities

3 boys and a horse (960x825)The list of things to do never ceases to end at the ranch. We are gearing up for Ag Adventure Camp next week where several of us introduce agriculture to kids who don’t get to experience what we do everyday. Several of our Grieb Ranch horses provide the kids with riding experiences to treasure. Many of these kids have never had the opportunity to ride. We bring in baby chicks which amuse the campers. We enjoy the delight on these kid’s faces as they hold the delicate, little, fuzzy creatures. The goats give hands-on experience in milking. The kids learn to rope a steer . . . a dummy steer, shoot a bow and arrow, play horseshoes, shoot BB gun and just simply take in the great outdoors and experience so much of God’s creation working together.

We have sent some calves to market as the grass goes to seed. It is this time of the year that we process/butcher a nice grass-fed steer for our meat for the year which makes for some nice tender steaks. We have also hatched out some new chicks.

All in a day's work

All in a day’s work

And in the midst of all this we had a unique happening at the ranch. As if we do not have anything else going on at the ranch . . . A young cow got her head stuck through the fence. This was a first for us. We had to get a jack to spread the bars to get her out… we then used rope to help turn her head.

On top of all of this Ethan is getting a heifer ready to show at the fair. He recently participated in a 4H Presentation Day that was held at UC Davis. He gave his presentation, “Pre-Show Heifer Fitting Guide”, where he received a Gold at County Level, Regional Level and then State Level. Ethan Certificate (936x1024)Congratulations to Ethan!

All in a day’s activities!

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