Mud, Mud, Mud

Ranch help in the mud (1024x765)The recent flash rains caused a lot of work for us as the dry, crisp vegetation left on the hills washed and the soil that had turned to powder, flowed.  washout along the road (1024x765)All year we work at maintaining our mountain ranch roads so they will hold up when the rain comes. We don’t need them to get wiped out. The recent rains, and the manner in which they came, challenged all we have done during the past years of drought. Ethan in washout (1024x765)

Our soil is called clay or adobe so even after days of no rain vehicles are not allowed on them. The roads stay very slick and dangerous.

Clearingwaterway (993x1024)

The mud accumulated up the canyon where dead trees had fallen and blocked water passage. This year there was more dead wood because of the years of drought. So we sent Papa, along with some help, to clear the passage. They were able to get a tractor up there and do the job. Who knew there was so much dead wood to wash down?

Riders in the mud (1024x768)

Since the roads were impassable, riders had to be sent out to maintain some remote equipment on the ranch. They rode and worked as the rain came down.

The cows have been kept in off the hills for months to give the hills a rest so we will have a place to ranch for generations to come.  As the hills are greening the cows will gradually follow their noses to find the grass and move out.  We are thankful for the rain, but the mud is still an everyday challenge. Well for most of us anyway!

P helps with the mud (1024x765)