Whoa! Hold your Horses

Leah on Tex

Proverbs 21:23 “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.”

How does 70lbs of little person control a 1400 lb horse? Each summer Grieb Ranch lends its labor and horses to help put on an Ag Adventure Day Camp. One of the highlights for the all the campers is to learn how to ride a horse. The bridle is one tool used to control the huge animal. The rider’s position and seat and legs are another tool. When all are used together with the right balance of aids, harmony and peace are witnessed in the horse and rider.

Scripture tells us to bridle our tongues. When we are gossiping or speaking in anger, we are not submitting to God’s control. Our tongues, writing pens, ipads should more often fall silent and then be filled with thanks for the restraint God can help us with. All too often we speak our own mind and not the mind of Christ.

When we want to show others what a difference Christ makes, we may need to look no further than the restraining of our tongue. Those around us and affected by us won’t help but notice when we honor God and choose to bridle our tongue and not say something.

Connie’s prayer: “Help me, Lord, to use my words not to tear down others or build up my own reputation, but to seek the good of others first, and in so doing to serve You and Your Kingdom.”

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