A Child Again – Happy Father’s Day

Daddy sign

‘Twasn’t long ago,

I was sitting between my parents in church.

When we bowed our heads to pray,

My father reached for my hand,

And the years fell away.

I was a child,

Sitting in church on a Sunday night,

Holding my Daddy’s hand.

Even then it was gnarled and bent, calloused and worn,

And I held on tight.

A practical joke, a twinkle in his eye,

A father, a friend, a guide.

A man who plays as hard as he works,

A Dad who’s always on my side.

I turned to see my mother singing,

And my eyes were drawn to her lips,

And again, the years did slip.

I was a child again,

Leaning on my Mama’s knee,

Spellbound by her full sweet lips,

As she sat reading Bible stories to me.

A prayer on her lips,

a song in her heart,

A friend, a teacher, a mother.

A woman of God, with open arms,

A Mom to me and so many others.

So many memories,

So many things to be thankful for.

A Mom and a Dad,

Who give and give some more.

Poem By Margie “B” Grieb Runels

Photo: Western Wood Art Sign by Jessica Willems. Contact her at 805-688-7293 for purchase info and to see more signs.

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